Reccomended packages and more

was wondering for recommended packages recommended by developers. original thread in the user section: Advanced optimization setup and recommended packages - #30 by diizzy
so far not included in stock yet interesting
any more?
was also wondering how openwrt uses the kernel sources since its used like make kernel_menuconfig couldnt locate the path to full sources
furthermore if anyone is interested in modifying have some kernel config that benched well for performance. and cflags that made a difference.

Why not stick to your previous topic?

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i decided to ask here as well because of this being a developer section and could be better informed. i intentionally didnt open the topic in this section however because its an average usage case. i think really many users have the same questions cause of there being so many options and packages in openwrt yet its hard to know all or figure out. however if its unnecessary asking in this section as well. id like to avoid creating a double thread.