Reboot issues on press WPS/Reset button and others

Hello everybody. I have a double problem here.

  1. When I press the WPS/Reset button, the router restarts at the exact moment.
  2. Several routers are rebooting randomly and I can't see logs.

Note: I have 150 routers of the same model, hardware version and same firmware .bin.

I'm desperate. =/

which is ?

From master branch r17127-99a22d48f2

um... you do know master is subject to volatility right?

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Yep. But that's where I got more stability.

he has only one button and here is the part of DTS file (in this case, the reboot on press issue):

reset {
			label = "reset";
			gpios = <&gpio0 12 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
			linux,code = <KEY_RESTART>;

		wps {
			label = "wps";
			gpios = <&gpio0 2 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
			linux,code = <KEY_WPS_BUTTON>;

Do not use snapshots if...

  • you think you always need at any time to have the latest bleeding edge software, just because. The problems that can arise (starting by non-availability of LuCI in precompiled snapshot images) might be overwhelming to you and might drive you back to installing stock firmware again.

  • your expectation is to have a flawless and 100% working compilation, installation and usage of the firmware. Snapshots are experimental, and weird issues of any kind can arise at any time. What does work today, doesn’t necessarily work tomorrow.

Do use snapshots if...

  • you are experienced with linux and know how to manage unexpected problems of any kind (not booting at all, bootloops, no network connectivity, …)

If you have 150 routers, than you have a professional activity.
If you have a professional activity, you need stability and reliability, and so you DO NOT run a master version on the whole routers. Just on a couple of devices in order to perfom tests.
Notify the device ref so that experts can provide specific help.

Thanks. I have good experience with linux. This router in question, has the hardware compatible with another that has support, I just adapted the DTS files. I'm going to try to use a stable branch and create the DTS there.

Hi. I installed the system on 20 routers and they worked perfect for 2 weeks, then I installed the rest and some from day one appeared with problems. Ah, the first ones aren't in trouble yet.