Realtime traffic graph reports wrong rates

I'm facing a weird problem with the Realtime Traffic Graph in OpenWrt.
So basicaly since I've started with OpenWrt on my WRT3200ACM I observed that the Traffic Graph in for my pppoe-wan interface (Realtime Graphs >> Traffic >> pppoe-wan) does report wrong current and peak traffic rates (down + upload). If I remeber correctly this was the case from the beginning on an I was never able to figure out the cause of this. I also never saw any reports about it in the forum so my tought was that it must be related to my setup/configuration.

For example my current availible download speed based on the calculation from the syncrate of my downstream (@pppoe + vlan tag +MTU 1492) would be ~108mbps which I limited via SQM to 102150kbps but when doing speedtests or maxing out my download speed in any other form I do see peak rates of 150+mbps at the traffic graph of the pppoe-wan interface.
The same goes for my upload speed which based on my Upstream syncrate would max out at ~34.6mbps but the traffic graph reports a peak rate of 45+mbps which seems to be quite unrealistic.
Without SQM I do see even higher peak rates.

Setup: Bridged VDSL modem >> WRT3200ACM@OpenWRT@pppoe (davidc502 build)

Speedtest@SQM directly on my router:

Download and upload sessions are sequential, each with 5 simultaneous streams.
 Download:  95.89 Mbps
  Latency: [in msec, 61 pings, 0.00% packet loss]
      Min:  11.067
    10pct:  11.123
   Median:  11.498
      Avg:  11.535
    90pct:  11.918
      Max:  12.526
 CPU Load: [in % busy (avg +/- std dev), 58 samples]
     cpu0:  36.3 +/- 18.6
     cpu1:  55.4 +/- 14.0
 Overhead: [in % used of total CPU available]
  netperf:  12.3
   Upload:  33.34 Mbps
  Latency: [in msec, 61 pings, 0.00% packet loss]
      Min:  11.091
    10pct:  11.330
   Median:  11.637
      Avg:  11.673
    90pct:  12.017
      Max:  12.642
 CPU Load: [in % busy (avg +/- std dev), 59 samples]
     cpu0:  26.3 +/- 18.2
     cpu1:  30.9 +/- 17.7
 Overhead: [in % used of total CPU available]
  netperf:   0.6
Peak:	167.26 Mbit/s
(20.91 MB/s)

Peak:	49.42 Mbit/s
(6.18 MB/s)

Does anyone have a clue on what could be the cause of this issue and how to fix it?

I still have this problem. Can someone please help to figure out the reason for this?

OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r12394
Bridged Modem with vlan tagging (ptm0.7) >> OpenWrt @ pppoe >> Clients

looks like raw bytes on the interface... extra frame headers ( vlan | ppp ) seem to be included in the "raw" bytes...

imho... to be expected... if you want to see "goodput"... the use higher level tools.

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Ok. Anyway I'm not looking at the traffic graph at eth1.2 (my wan interface), only at pppoe-wan. Maybe my Modem interface @eth1.2 is responsible for this and I'm also using 3 Vlans (LAN, Guest, WAN) at the moment. Is there no to fix this probem and is there any higher Level tool that you could recommend?