Realtime stats / network use per host


I cannot find any way to get realtime statistics (bandwidth uses) per host/mac from openwrt router with a nice presentation (grafana).
I can find:

  • old looking stats from luci packages, that show something statics with graphics from 90s
  • some prometheus/collectd/softflowd export probes and grafana display but without traffic per host (just general traffic)

I used iptmon in the past but not only it was sort of hack, it is no more compatible with 22.x firmware…

I cannot believe that all those probes (snmp/collectd/softflowd/prometheus/…) cannot export detailed statistics per host (?) neither that no one is interested by getting such statistics from its network (e.g. to see who is f*cking eating all the bandwidth)…

Any hint appreciated :slight_smile:

Netflow (softflowd) does provide data for each host (IP).

What issue are you having with its setup?


Can you point me to a blog post/tutorial/video/whatever with such setup?

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Netlink Bandwidth Monitor (opkg: nlbwmon) maybe?


That’s what I call non realtime 90s graphics :wink:
Can be useful but definitely not what I am looking for :wink:

Another option:


I am more looking of something like this:

Which means using a probe (softflowd?) and export on a server running a database + grafana... but I did not find any explained setup like this so far

I also use softflowd that I export Netflow data to PRTG on an old desktop win box. I use it because I'm familiar with it from a previous job, but there are other users here using grafana for similar purposes.

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I am interested in something like this as well. I would like to record every connection/flow in my small network with modest traffic rates used only by me and be able to track and report every connection short term with increasing aggregation as time passes. Using a flow exporter (softflowd) on my hexacore arm OpenWrt 22.03 router, a flow collector and a flow analyzer on a server should work.

Perhaps you are looking for an OpenWrt how-to guide to set up all three components. Since flow records are fairly standardized and the exporter and collectors have focused functionality, they should be fairly straightforward to setup in a generic form. I hope the analyzers we might choose have clear instructions to work with the collector and may drive product selection for the collector. A quick look at internet search results shows some blogs etc. which may ease the overall process.

I found softflowd available via opkg list |grep softflowd
Here is a forum thread that may help, especially with the init script:
Links in posts 2 and 3 may prove more useful.

It looks like softflowd was developed by Damien Miller at and it moved to Google Code:
and is currently maintained here:

I hope there is something useful in all this for you.

yeah softflowd seems definitively a good option...but then which tool to use with it?
I have tried ntopng (thanks to netflow2ng) but it is IMHO a pure IT admin tool... I don't need such level of detail and, on the other side, I don't have (easy) access to basic stuff like traffic per devices on my network...
So still looking around and open to comments!

If you follow throught to the split thread you can find Help with Softflowd and exporting netflow data to PRTG - #24 by RuralRoots


Gave a try to checkmk but didn't get any information per host only global stuff...
To be continued

Unfortunately, still no progress to get a realtime network use per host...sounds so useful or am I wrong?

Take a look at Iptmon: simple iptables-based bandwidth monitoring - #49 by mstojek

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I have used it in the past, but iptmon is no more compatible with latest OpenWRT

Please take a look at my script to export Nlbwmon statistics to Collectd: With this script you should be able to get similar or exactly the same statistics as with iptmon (for iptmon full compability some changes in the script are needed, see documentation).

Collectd stats:

Export to Grafana:




I was also looking for a similar thing and closest I found luci-app-nft-qos
You don't have to use QoS part. Status > Realtime Graphs > Rate is what I needed.

I loaded this hours ago, and it is still saying collecting data...
Do I need to reboot after the installation?

Refresh the page?

I've shutdown/rebooted everything since yesterday.
Still the same, shows, Collecting data...

I already have/had SQM with cake-autorate installed/running.
Wonder if there is a conflict there?