Reaching SmartTV in other guest subnet?

Hi, i got a main wifi subnet and a guest subnet The guest subnet has the "isolate clients" option enabled.

I've joined my older Samsung SmartTV to the guest subnet due to security reasons. The TV is a few years old and don't get new updates anymore.

All my smartphones and tablets are in the main subnet. Now i like to use the youtube app from my smartphone in the main net to connect to the smarttv in the guest wifi so i can directly control the youtube streaming on tv. The native youtube app directly on the tv works fine, but because of the seperation of the nets, the smartphone don't find the tv anymore, what was expected and ok this far. But how can i configure the openwrt network/firewall to allow devices from the mainnet to connect the smarttv in the guest wifi?

You can add traffic forwarding from LAN to guest zone.
See the LAN zone settings in the LuCI firewall configuration.
Or you can add a custom firewall rule to allow selective forwarding.

Maybe you need something like this.

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