Reaching L3 status

Is there a direct user link for a user to see if/when they reach L3. I know I can ask a mod; but I wondered if there's a link without needing to ask.

(There're some threads I want to see/visit/revisit. I asked someone in a direct message; but I'm not sure if they were ignoring or didn't read it...twice.)


I have a feeling not all users, especially new users understand the modifications to one's avatar image that signal private or public notifications. So I would be hesitant to diagnose malice of someone does not respond to a DM/PN. That said there likely are also those who ignore knowingly...

They (a moderator) private messaged me on another matter. We had a discussion. When I asked about L3, no response.

Avatar image?

I don't understand this statement.

The tricky part is that if you take a break and your stats drop below the standards, you are falling back to L2.
I also remember that the defaults were tweaked to give more weight to replying and contributing, rather than just reading.


In my browser I see an "avatar image" (my github image) on the top right, if there are notifications outstanding the there is a small green circle with the number of outstanding PN and a small blue circle with the number of outstanding general notifications...

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Yea, that's OK for me. I understand now. My use case assumed veteran users.

In the account summary > badges, you can see the 'Regular' (L3) status granted date (as well as all other badges).< username >/badges
or just
...and then look at the users in the list.

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I don't have the badge [again, yet] and I don't wish to see other's statuses. I want to see my status. For clarity, I found a screenshot that was [previously] given to me.

No, that's not available.

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At one point, someone also noted:

I will lock you at TL3.

Can one be locked out?

(Just curious - as I wish to simply understand one's word/honor and my own.)


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