RE450V2 as repeater

Just installed 19.07.3 on the RE450V2. Can't get it work as a Wlan-Repeater. I followed the tutorials i found (installing a client to the main-wifi, then an AP device linked to the client-device wwan-network).
Connecting to the new AP works, also the client connects to my main-wifi and i can use this connection to configure openwrt.
But my clients conneted to the new AP didn't get an IP from the main-wifi, If i give the client static ip/gateway/dns, it connects to openwrt, but packages are not routed to main-wifi.
If i enable dhcpd the clients connected to the AP get an IP from the range of the static LAN-device IP.

I tried this all with 5G-band, because no need for 2,4 anymore here.
Anybody an advice for me?

It is working well for me. Connecting devices get their addresses from the main router. Don't give up on it. I can tell you that my configuration has radio0 (5 Ghz) in Client mode connected to the main router upstream. radio1 is in Master mode. So the repeater is only providing 2.4 Ghz access to connecting devices (not that you have to configure yours this way i just know it is working for me this way).
did you do the following from the command line:
opkg update
opkg install relayd
opkg install luci-proto-relay

under Network/interfaces you should see three interfaces, LAN, REPEATER_BRIDGE and WWAN. The LAN should be using "static address" protocol. The REPEATER_BRIDGE should have "Relay bridge" protocol. The WWAN in my case is using DHCP but you might want a static address.

Thank you very much. your post takes me to the solution. I had downloaded relayd und luc-proto-relay before i posted my problem, but after installing this packets i wasn't able to create an interface with 'relay bridge' proto - it was not in the list available. So i give up yesterday. After reading your post today i restarted the re450 and in the 'startup' list relayd was shown as enabled. And i could create the desired interface. And now all works as expected.

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