RE200 V4 - will it work well?

I am a new user of OpenWRT, and I'm really happy with it on my TP-Link home router. I also own a TP-Link RE200 V4 range extender with stock firmware. My question is: will openWRT stable install in exchange the latest (RE200(EU)_V4_210916, 2021-11-03) version ? Since I saw problems in the corresponding forum with different hardware/fw versions, like poor 5 GHz performance, some builds are bricking the device and it is very difficult to recover (disassemble, serial to USB, etc...) Does anyone managed this to work ? I red the documentation, which recommends the 21.02.1 stable version with web update, so it looks much easier than my router's procedure was (Tftp downgrade, than install OWRT.,) however it was an adventurous, and successful procedure, but I don't want to brick my other device. :slight_smile:

Some experience would be nice.

Thank you!

It's still bad. Don't install openwrt on it.

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Thank you for the fast replay !

How can I help with the development?

Such a shame. Great little device and loads of demand as evidenced by the repeated enquiries on this forum. And I gather it is good hardware for OpenWrt to work well, and so this is just a case of needing a little further development?

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I must keep this alive, sorry :slight_smile:

If further dev is needed and you’re keen to do it then where’s the issue?
Appears you both have the device, clone the previous builds, connect a serial console and start working on the issues.

Only users with the unit in hand have any chance of fixing those types of problems.

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The problem is, I do not have serial, and I am not a developer. What I do have is the device. I can test it, if there is a new build for it, that does not brick my device. I want to help with testing, but that's all I can do.

So... To answer my question. So far it works well. The official release installs without a problem from OEM web interface. 2.4 GHz WiFi seems to be stable. However I have not try 5Ghz yet. My only problem is with slower boot than I wanted.