RDP connection doesn't establish between routers

Hello, I'm relatively new to the OpenWRT system, so I apologize if I overlook any details. A few days ago, I successfully installed the OpenWRT firmware on my TP-Link Archer C59 V1 router with the intention of using it as a separate router for my server. This choice was made due to the server having only an Ethernet port and being located away from the primary router. Let's refer to this newly configured router as the "Server Router."

I followed the Wiki Guide to set up a RelayD bridge, effectively transforming the Wi-Fi connection into a LAN connection. This process was successful, and I subsequently set up Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on my server. However, I encountered an issue when attempting to connect to the RDP server via Wi-Fi connected to the primary router; the connection failed. Strangely, I could only establish an RDP connection when connected to the Server Router.

I inspected my primary router and confirmed that the Server's IP address was listed. Despite this, I still couldn't use RDP. My question is whether this issue is related to the Server's RDP configuration or the OpenWRT setup on the Server Router. If it is an OpenWRT-related problem, I would greatly appreciate guidance on how to resolve it.

Diagram of what I have done:

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

In general the relayd is a hack with limitations to achieve a wireless bridge in cases that WDS cannot be used.

Check reported issues #3.

Thank you for replying.
As I understood, RelayD is limited. As well that it is used in cases WDS cannot be achieved. Apparently it is the situation for me. My Acher C59 supports WDS, but not my AX55. Therefor I don't think its possible. I checked the reported issues #3, however I did not understand how can it resolve my issue. Neither of them have solution for me as I read.

I am not saying that they can resolve your issue, they are similar issues to yours (traffic from main AP to relay AP not working).

Oh ok, I guess I misunderstood. Thanks for mentioning those links, I will look forward to see what else can I do.

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After doing some research, I still haven't found any solution. But I found some interesting points for myself:

  • The primary TP-Link router is capable of finding the ServerComputer from the RelayD, as well as the handheld laptop connected by LAN via the Bridged router.
  • For some reason, I am unable to ping from both sides when the ServerComputer is connected to the ServerRouter and HandHeld computer connected to Wireless Primary Router.
  • As well I believe there is something to do with Firewall section.

Again I am not sure since I don't have great foundation on the network knowledge. Correct me if I am wrong. But I would like someone if possible to help me with this. Trendy has already mentioned the issues from the guide page which helped me research a bit more and come up with some possibilities.
Again, help will be appreciated.

Apparently, some setting on my Primary router named "AP Isolation". As I understood it Isolates basically all clients from each other adding more security. I disabled it and boom, I can communicate between the devices both on Primary Router and ServerRouter. Thanks to those who either wanted to help or has already helped!


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