RB760iGS (hEX S) stable?

Supported Current Rel: snapshot

Maybe I am buying this cheap device, which uses RouterOS and this could be sufficient for a while, but at the end it should run OpenWRT.

Does anybody have an idea how long it could take that it is supported as stable? Could this be in release 21 or would it probably take longer and gets stable in a release after 21?

The MikroTik RouterBOARD 760iGS is already listed under OpenWrt 21.02.0-rc1
So barring anything unexpected,
I would guess that it should be included in the next OpenWrt 21.02 stable release.

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Thanks, don't understand how I could it out myself, that it is a release candidate already. Found snapshot only.

Do you know, if there is someone working on:



No idea, I do not browse through the For Developers section that often.

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Thanks, I thought you know Miktrotik devices maybe a little bit. I didn't found a lot and a little bit older, wher I read, that they need more information about chips. No idea, how I can query chips with RouterOS, but I have the devices and could do queries.

Neither the Annapurna Labs AL21400, nor the Marvell Prestera 98DX3236 SOCs are supported so far, the former doesn't even have any form of mainline kernel support. While anything is possible (see the pending efforts for the Annapurna Labs AL514 in the Netgear r9000), both would require considerable efforts to get working or merged.

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