RB750gr3 switch differences between 22.03 and 23.05

On MikroTik RB750gr3 when configuring devices on OpenWRT 22.03, I see LAN 2-5 and WAN, all as switch ports:
When doing the same on 23.05, the WAN port shows up as an Ethernet Adapter instead:
What does this mean for upgrades from 22.03 to 23.05? Will this have any effect on bridging WAN port to a 802.1q VLAN on any of the LAN ports?

You can take a look at this commit and this pull request.

TLDR, this helps with routing throughput - it can achieve 1000Mbps full duplex. For switching, since all five ports are on the same switch, DSA will still do the right thing and there won't be any difference if you are combining them in a bridge.

Thanks, I thought this might be due to the routing throughput patch. Does the WAN port need to be separate to get the benefits? (not that I've got more than 100/100 line anywhere that requires me to also put WAN through the same cable as LAN)

Also, will this be handled automatically on upgrades?

There is nothing change in the configuration, so it should work fine on upgrades - unlike when switching to DSA from swconfig.