Raspberry pi4B Disconnecting USB Ethernet

Hello there,

I tried already multiple Openwrt versions on the past week, my TP Link U306 is being shut down after some time, i tried Pi firmware update but no changes.

I'm using the official power supply so i dont think energy is the problem, also the Pi is very cool.

On the Logs i see no issues at all, how do i stop it from being shut down? The connection drops a lot faster on RC6 tho than on the other versions, i see nothing different on the logs :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

Can you try to disable power management in the USB dongle -see below, replace eth0 with your dongle's interface:

/usr/sbin/ethtool --set-eee eth0 eee off

Search ax88179 in the forum.
I recommend returning the UE306 and buying a UE300.

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Oh, I didn't know it was an ax88179!

Returning is not an option i'm using it like this for 6 months and it was running ok!

I think i will use a managed switch to stop this problem once for all...

Cool one i'm trying it lets see.....

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Known problem with the chipset there as others mentioned

I went through this pain myself just last week:

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usb is ok for clients. not really a good solution for router.

and the pi is NOT a router.

a router should have dual ports at least. doesnt matter about wifi cos a AP can replace wifi and is generally better as a dedicated AP is far stronger signal than crap OEM routers.

if you MUST use a pi get a carrier board for it that has dual ports. There are plenty of other arm based dual port chips out there. R4S for example. theres even newer ones that are 2.5gb internal LAN.

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I have R4S and CM4 with DFRobot with 2 dual Gbe carrier board.

I have to say RPi4 with working USB ethernet adapter is just as good.

Just avoid AX88179 USB adapters

RTL8152 and RTL8153 and AX888772C working absolutely fine (latter is only USB2 though so not gigabit)


YEah i think so too to be honest i just got a managed switch so i dont have this crap usb anymore, its just ok for me :slight_smile:

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