Raspberry Pi OpenWrt USB WiFi 5Ghz dongle as client

Hey all,

Searching for a while does not really seem to give me the answer I am trying to find but:
Is there a USB WiFi adapter that supports the 5 Ghz band which will work out of the box with OpenWRT on a Raspberry Pi? I want to use it as a client. So, to connect with another Wifi.

Just wondering which one I could consider to buy and what your experiences are so far.
Thanks in advance.

Btw, I am aware the Raspberry Pi is not the ideal hardware for a router. Luckily, I do not need the bandwidth.

Was also wondering; what are your experiences with running OpenVPN on a Pi with OpenWRT? Someone told me that the Pi is not the recommended hardware for it, and I should use Wireguard. However, it does not seem that NordVPN supports wireguard.

https://github.com/morrownr/USB-WiFi those would work as APs too.

NordVPN seem to support wireguard

That's the one.

yes this list, for no-fuss plug and play