Raspberry PI antenna support

I am considering using a Raspberry PI 4 as my next router.

  1. What antennas should I buy (I need both 2.5 and 5 GHz networks) ???

It should be noted that I live i a very very populated area. Does it make sense to buy a mega Alfa Antenna ( Alfa AWUS036ACH) to burst full power or does it not matter ?

None, outsource the wireless to an (OpenWrt supported) AP, there are ni good USB WLAN cards for these purposes.


for the price asked, just buy a used router, and run it as an AP.


I watched a guy on Youtube downloading most common drivers for antennas but he did not list them. Someone have a link to info ????

why would you want to do that ?

I agree with the statements already made about getting an AP or wifi router and using a that for wifi. A purpose-built wifi AP will have much better performance than any of the USB based devices that you are considering.