Raspberry PI 4B Wifi is not working


I have a Raspberry PI 4B, and I am able to set up the wired network with an USB adapter for another Ethernet port. I could log in and install LuCI. However, when I start the wireless, I cannot see my wireless or wifi. I tried modified various settings and watching videos online. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pBf2hGqXL8
Using this config file:

I cannot see wifi from other devices. However, if I download an image from Github, I could start wifi and connect to Raspberry pi through wifi. My question is how to fix wifi?


what image are you downloading that works?

Oh, and the device you're trying to connect to the pi with, does it support 5GHz?

Hi Jaromanda,

I am not sure if my device supports 5 GHz. I tried varying the Frequency and etc, but it does not work.

Here is the link that works:

For some reason, this image works for a few hours fine, and it stops working every few hours. The Wifi from this image works fine with the Raspberry PI that I have.


Try installing the official OpenWrt 21.02.1 image. It should work properly once you follow the instructions to enable wifi on the device:

it says released this 12 Aug 2020 - yet that works, and .... something you got elsewhere does not?

You state that:

So, what image are you using that

a) doesn't work
b) doesn't have luci pre-installed?

Also, the fact that the video says "use command line and replace the whole wireless config" suggests that whoever made that video is a complete idiot that doesn't know a thing about OpenWRT


I initially download my images here:

Now, I download my images here:

The dhcp server and LuCI work. But the wifi does not work.

Oh, I played with this a bit further. Setting this to N and 5 GHz work, and AC auto does not work. N and 2.4 GHz does not work.

Not sure about this:
This, I think I tried also, and wifi probably did not work. I did not remember exactly.


Hi, did you resolve your issue? I am having similar problem with pi 400