Raspberry Pi 4 WiFi AP performance

Hello. I have seen Raspberry Pi 4 being recommended as a wired router for OpenWRT for its powerfull CPU, but it's WiFi is usually simply described as poor/bad. I understand that it's unwise to use it as a primary AP and that it's no replacement for the actual WiFi AP/router, but what the actual throughput (and stability) might I expect out of its WiFi module in 802.11ac mode (with current openwrt builds) and how useful is it if e.g. I were (to buy it and) to place my primary AP in a diferent room and use RPi as a router and a secondary AP? My most critical/important devices are hardwired anywhay, but there are many WiFi devices in my home and because of the way it was built, I do have wifi signal strength issues even with 2 APs right now, so I'd suppose any more APs/radios (even the slow ones) might be better for smartphones and whatnot. Can it be used for that or would it be too slow (<100-200mbps) or too unstable for it in AP mode?
(I have no plans in changing/buying anything for now, I'm just curious)

if you can give it an isolated band... then 2-3 nearby devices using standard wpa2-psk @10-30Mb/s would work ok...

afaik... without lowlevel workarounds 1-client-ac-max is 52Mb/s

fancy/legacy encryption or crowded airwaves compound known caveats...

any available cheap AP will likely outperform and make your life much, much simpler...

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you can buy second hand devices like HH5a for 10$ and it offers great AP range - that would be my go to device if I'd need to extend my wifi network.
AFAIK rpi4 is only good as a wired router until someone designs/produces a cheap board with gb nic and pci expansion based on rpi CM4

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I never had much success with the onboard wifi on my RPi4 but now use BT mesh discs to handle the wifi and works great.

~200 £ - definitely not cheap...

I brought mine used £80 for 6 still not cheap but work great. Mine are the first version, they now do mini or premium versions too... I might upgrade when a set cones up reasonable money.