Raspberry Pi 4 as LAN-Router

just for the fun of it I would like to try this:

Ethernet Wall Plug (Fiber2Copper Converter) with PPPoe -> RPi4 with SQM, DHCP-Server, Wireguard/OpenVPN-Server,... -> Switch -> OpenWrt router as AccessPoint.
The DNS-Servers (PiHole) would be on other Devices on the Switch.
I would use an USB2Ethernet adapter to connect the RPi to the switch.
The RPi should be fast enough to handle the fiber speed (only 150/20 at the Moment) and VPN connection(s)
This should be possible? Or are there any problems that might occur?


Just for fun...

2Gb RPi4 kit from Vilros with aluminum case/heatsink
8Gb industrial microSD, (use Rufus portable to flash)
GS108Ev3 WAN/Port1/vlan3, LAN/Port2-3/untagged vlan1, vlan20/port4-5, vlan30/port 6-7, trunk/port8

Do it!

getting a kernel error with snapshot r15200
setting a different scaling frequency, the error does not occur
$ echo 750000 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy0/scaling_min_freq
$ echo 1000000 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy0/scaling_max_freq

I currently have a usb3 to gigaeth adapter for the wan interface, but at the beginning I was using dot1q subinterface for the wan.

I just did it and it works great!
I didn't even need a switch because my WLAN-Bridge has two ETH-Ports, one for the Pi, one for the OpenWRT device.
The bridge connects my office to the rpi, the speed is sufficient. The devices in the Office (NAS, Pi-Hole, Video-Disk-Recorder, main PC) are connected by 1Gb Ethernet.
The kitchen is connected via OpenWrt WDS client, speed is sufficient to stream Videos while cooking.

For this speed, you could just trunk both LAN and WAN on the same cable, as @94121-usr pointed out, as long as the switch supports tagging.

Yes, that should work, but I had an USB2Ethernet adapter lying around and decided to not use a switch (look at my last post).

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