Raspberry Pi 3 OpenWrt router


I would like to use openwrt as raspberry pi 3.
I want to configure it as image.
How do I configure network and firewall settings in this configuration?
I can not find the answer even if I search.
Please help me

I'm a little confused as to the topology. Is this purely a local network with no outside connectivity?

Without a managed ("smart") switch, you'll likely need to add an external USB Ethernet dongle.

If you're pushing more than a few hundred mbps through Ethernet, you'll hit the bottleneck of how the Raspberry Pi series are architected. What you have should work well up through a few hundred mbps though.

Yes, this is local network
I used connect two usb ethernet to raspberry Pi 3 and try to connect to ubuntu mate and IP camera through this usb ethrenet.
If i connect to ip address via raspberry Pi 3 (openWrt) from pc like the captured image, you connect to ubuntu mate (only ssh port is connected), and connect to (80port, 23port, 554port only Connection) I want to configure to connect with IP camera.
Now the situation is not connected anywhere.

Thank you for your comment

Does the PC have a static route for through the Raspberry Pi? Without a route for, the PC would otherwise try to send the packet via its default gateway.

I have a

I'll look into the problem a bit more.
I am going to start from the beginning.

Thank you jeff..!

you need vlan switch

Thank you xiaobo
I still find problem..:frowning:
cheer up!