Raspberry pi 2B basic config

I have added a wlan device to my raspberry pi.
I now like to use the eth port for wan and wifidevice for wlan.

Is there some basic config available including recommended firewall settings as a uci command list?

┌─────────────────────┐           │              │
│                     │      ┌────┤ ISP ROUTER   │
│                 ETH ├──────┘    │              │
│    RPI 2B      (WAN)│           └──────────────┘
│                     │
│                     │
│                 USB │ WLAN  )))
│                     │
│                     │

Just move the eth port from the LAN to the WAN section, in /etc/config/network, preferably after you've set up the wifi.

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Just to set expectations, the Pi 2B is not a good option for use as a router for any high speed connectivity. It has a very limited CPU (compared to the Pi4 especially), and the Ethernet connectivity is only 100Mbps (and that's the theoretical max... I don't know if it can even saturate that link).

Wifi on all Pi devices is also not designed for use as an AP. On most models it will physically function, but the performance will be poor in terms of speed and range, especially if there are multiple clients connected.

In the case of USB connected wifi adapters, they also have similarly poor wifi performance when used as APs. Also, some devices do not support AP mode operation in the first place, so be sure you have a unit that has one of the supported chipsets.

If your needs are low bandwidth, the Pi 2B should be a fine option. Otherwise, consider devices with more powerful CPUs or purpose built wifi APs.

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Yes its only for low requirements a few iot devices ( separate from my main network)
And for learning to configure openwrt and its packages
As i had this PI lying around , i wanted to give it this function.

Perfect! This will be a great platform for learning!

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