Raspberry OpenWrt Wlan Client

Hello friends, I have openwrt installed on a raspberry pi 3+.
Now I would like to use the device as Wlan Client.
That The Wlan client should forward the network traffic to the LAN interface.
The device is accessible via WLAN or via LAN. Unfortunately, network traffic is not routed between the two interfaces.
Is there somewhere a tutorial that describes the procedure?
I've searched a lot but have not found the right answer yet.

Unfortunately, the Broadcom wireless chips with open-source drivers don’t support WDS properly, as that would be the easiest, robust approach. “relayd” is a hack that works in some situations, and for IPv4 only.

If I were faced with that challenge, for under US$20 I’d have a GL.iNet AR300M-Lite delivered to me in a day or two. It even ships with OEM software based on recent OpenWrt. It would be very close to a turn-key solution

I still have a Fritz Wlan usb drive AC430. Can I use this stick for this project?

Maybe. OpenWrt has a driver for it, should be in the kmod-mt76x0u package. Why not try it?

Details for package kmod-mt76x0u

  • Version: 4.14.109+2019-03-27-a11b6734-1
  • Size: ~3.8 KB installed
  • Dependencies:
    • kmod-mac80211 (248.4 KB) NOT INSTALLED
      • kmod-cfg80211 INSTALLED
        • iw INSTALLED | iw-full (71.2 KB) NOT INSTALLED
          • libnl-tiny INSTALLED
        • wireless-regdb INSTALLED
      • hostapd-common INSTALLED
    • kmod-mt76x0-common (60.2 KB) NOT INSTALLED
      • kmod-mt76x02-common (23.4 KB) NOT INSTALLED
        • kmod-mt76-core (16.8 KB) NOT INSTALLED
    • kmod-mt76x02-usb (4.6 KB) NOT INSTALLED
      • kmod-mt76-usb (6.5 KB) NOT INSTALLED
        • kmod-usb-core INSTALLED
          • kmod-nls-base INSTALLED

MediaTek MT76x0U wireless driver

  • The installed version of package kernel is not compatible, require 4.14.109-1-3d004d4d… while 4.14.109-1-89a87191… is installed.

Is there another way?

Please see:
Persistent kmods for snapshots

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