Randomize router's MAC address

Is there an easy way (like a package) to make my router randomize its MAC address on each boot?

There is an incredibly easy way to do it. Just write a script and put it in /etc/rc.local for instance
Changing MAC address can be done with one command. Generating it can be other.

But why would you do that anyway?

Be aware that many clients (windows and android, probably iOS/ MacOSX as well) don't really like changing MAC addresses of their configured networks, doing so is a recipe for subtle issues. I realize that you might want to avoid your AP ending up in geolocation databases, but at the end of the day -unless you're quite literally living in the sticks- there'll always be enough other APs in range to make that a futile endeavour[0].

[0] what use is it to successfully fool google/ apple/ microsoft about your AP, if the neighbours' APs 6m left and right are loud and strong in their database.

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Because it's a travel router.



It would be good to also set bit 1 of the first byte indicating it is a locally generated MAC. In other words acceptable values for the second digit are 2, 6, A, and E.