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One question regarding this part:

Now that we have a guest network functioning on the router we can modify our wireless configuration to support 802.1X dynamic vlans. To do this modify the SSID setup in your /etc/config/wireless file and remove the network option and add the dynamic_vlan and vlan_tagged_interface options. An example based on the basic 802.1X setup found above would be: .

It gives

config wifi-iface
      option device 'radio1'
      option mode 'ap'
      option ssid 'Test8021xNetwork'
      option encryption 'wpa2'
      option server ''
      option key 'MyClientPassword'
      option dynamic_vlan     '2'
      option 'vlan_tagged_interface' 'eth1'
      option 'vlan_bridge' 'br-vlan'
      option 'vlan_naming' '0'

But the example above talks about vlan 3. Earlier, however, is mentioned:

We're skipping over VLAN 2 because the particular router used to create this demonstration uses VLAN 2 to connect the WAN port to the CPU, not all routers do this, some wire the WAN port directly to the CPU.

Was this intentional or just a mistake? Docs say default is "0" so just making sure it's not some boolean value.

howdy, not sure what i've modified on that page, but it would have been something very minor... (likely non-technical > probably the config-network-device infobox)

unable to offer any evidence-based technical input on this... however, checking the hostapd help pages... the value of 2 for dynamic_vlan relates to negotiation mode... and does not represent local vlan numbers...


A value of 0 disables dynamic VLAN tagging, a value of 1 allows dynamic VLAN tagging and a value of 2 will reject the authentication if the RADIUS server does not provide the appropriate tunnel attributes.

client vlan mappings are (hopefully) passed from the radius server

Ah, OK, thanks. I got the impression from reading that we were somehow passing the VLAN number here. The setting didn't specify what data-type it takes.

Perhaps this information could be added to this stub, and/or wifi settings. Information capture is important... Are you the right person to ask? Or is that someone called @dansan on the wiki?

edit away... that page seems to be limping along on the input of many... (and can use constant improvement/clarification)

the wifi param page itself follows a stricter structure i'm unfamilar with, but can see benefit stating that this is (currently) a 'tri-state?' parameter...

Yeah word. I was attempting to capture the elements into a PR for extending the GUI. I think I got it.

I can't remember whether I have a wiki account....

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Ah, github :slight_smile:
OK - made a few small edits for clarification.