Radicale2 does not work with md5 hashed passwords on Python3.9

I use radicale2 for synchronizing my calenders between various devices. The last OpenWRT image I built doesn't allow me to use md5 for hashing of user passwords any longer (radicale crashes with "errno 38"). After some digging, I found out that using "plain" or "sha1" as htpasswd_encryption option works, so radicale2 basically works. Only using "md5" as hashing mechanism leads to aforementioned crash. Interestingly enough, both radicale2 (v2.1.11) as well as the python3-passlib library (v1.7.2, this library provides the md5 hash functions) versions are the same as in the previous image I built. The only difference is that python3 now is bumped to v3.9 as opposed to v3.8 in my previous image.

Any pointers on how to proceed in order to make radicale2 function with md5 hashed passwords again?