R7800 TFTP mode no detection


I have the Netgear R7800 and I used many time ''tftpd32'' program to upload a firmware.
I follow the process ; hold reset button, until the power light flashes orange to white etc
and that step is easy and works good. But don't know why since a week, but yet, still easy to make the tftp mode on my router but the pc cannot etablish the connection. So, rebooting my router and I let it for a complete boot to see if I can etablish ethernet connection when the router is not in tftp mode and it works, the ethernet connection works but not in tftp mode, I tried 2 laptops to be sure....

do you have an idea?

*btw, I mean, the problem is not to etablish connection to proceed the firmware transfert, I m talking about the step before that, just etablish ethernet connection between router in tftp mode and my laptop..


The procedure is with TFTP client, not server.


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I know the procedure as I wrote
And i did that many times but with windows not linux

And you are setting fixed IP address on the pc?
(As router's DHCP server is unavailable)

Some pc networking stacks are picky about link detection. You might need a dumb switch between router and PC, so that the PC's networking driver believes that there is connectivity.

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Before I was a windows user, since a month I use linux, ubuntu.

So not sure if changing ip is easy as windows was ..

I think I'm ok, cause I'm using another router during I'm trying to flash the R7800.

So my pc is connected to and my openwrt 7800 is

sounds wrong, as 192.168.11.x is in a quite different subnet than
PC's address should be (not .11.1) when you try to connect to the OpenWrt router at (not mandatorily just, but something from the same 192.168.1.x subnet)

thanks again,

that was the problem.. connected in 2 sec after that

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