R7800 running 18.06.8 should i go to 19.07.5?

Seems no build of 18.06.9 for my netgear r7800...
Is sysupgrade to 19 family a good idea/low risk/easy?

18.06.8 is running very well, but upgrade bug etc..

Nobody has been running 18.06.x with R7800 for ages...
Both 19.07.x and master snapshots are ok.

And the 18.06.9 for R7800 is quite normally in


I was running 18.06.8 until recently because it was the better choice / experience for the clients I have and the packages installed.

So I guess it will depend on that and your skills ;- ) , complexity of your installation and probably some other factors....if you have the time and lust now go for the newer version, if you want to save yourself some time, trial & error go for 18.06.9 and perhaps skip v19 and wait for v20.

Said that, that was my plan until I gave 19.07.5 another chance ;- ), although it was on on different hardware (TP-Link C7v2).

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Out of abundanc of caution, added ssid to my secondary RE450v1 before updating the R7800 to 19.07.5.
All went well in the R7800 upgrade, now happily running 19.07.5 (after 170 problem free days on 18.06.8)

Happy camper

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