R7800 Currently recommended build for VLANs?

I'm migrating my R7800 router to OpenWRT to use it as an Access Point with VLAN tagging per SSID. What build and firmware version is currently recommended? Based on the R7800 page, 21.02 is the latest release and previous posts recommended the Hnyman build (Build for Netgear R7800). I also noticed both 21.02 (owrt2102-r16545) and 22.03 (owrt2203-r19235) are listed as "stable".

Would Hnyman 21.02, Hnyman 22.03, or generic 21.02.2 be best for my application (R7800 Access Point with VLANs per SSID). Should the switch to "v21" and DSA be part of this decision?

ipq806x (such as the r7800) never had problems with VLAN functionality, so any version will do (obviously you should use a current/ maintained version, 21.02.x, 22.03-SNAPSHOT or newer).


Thanks for that info. Can you comment on the differences I should expect between 21.02.x and 22.03-SNAPSHOT? For example, is there a reason I should consider one over another?

21.02 = February 2021, the point that it branched off trunk / “master”

22.03 = March 2023, the point that it branched off trunk / “master”

Master is where all the development happens. When it branches off you generally get no new features, just minor security fixes / kernel updates. Master, 22.03, and 21.02 all perform about the same on the R7800. 22.03 is several thousand commits newer than 21.02. If you are new to OpenWRT I’d give 22.03 a try!


21.02 was forked in February 2021 but was only released in September 2021 will we have the same case for 22.03 or will it be much faster? thank you

Hopefully less rc releases. The devels want to have more regular annual releases.

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Thanks all for the feedback and info. I decided to go with Hnyman 22.03. For anyone else interested, I set it up as an access point using this guide (https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/dumbap). I then added the VLANs with help from this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeuZqRqH-ug) and this forum post (Netgear r7800 VLAN question OpenWrt 21.02.1 - #15 by atownlede).

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