R7000 Wireless Menu Option Missing

I am testing out OpenWRT - moving from dd-wrt.
I have two Netgear routers, R7000 & R7800.
I wanted to test and configure the R7000 since it is the old (now backup) router before switching the R7800 over to OpenWRT.
The main feature I wanted was isolated VLANs, which I now have working on the R7000!! :slight_smile:

So, I was about to pull the trigger and migrate the R7800 over to OpenWRT and then remembered I had not configured the wireless portion. To my surprise, the Network >> Wireless menu is not there. I have another, older router which I had also done some testing with and the Network >> Wireless menu is not on that one either!

I did some searching on Google and the forums and found that I need to enable wireless in the /etc/config/wireless and that directory does not exist. Also the command uci show wireless returns "eci: Entry not found". I found other search results saying the if config files are wrong, the wireless menu will be missing, however, except for the VLAN testing, I have made no other changes. I have made zero changes via CLI, everything was made via LUCI browser.

Looking forward to reading some insights. :slight_smile:

Wifi is not supported in R7000


Thanks for the quick reply. I am new here and did not know this page.
am I reading this - that the 7800 (my primary router) is fully supported?

r7800 (ipq8065+2*qca9984), yes.
r7000 (BCM4709+2*BCM4360), no - BCM4360 is not supported[0] and in all likeliness never will be.

Despite the roughly similar model numbers, both devices are very different.

[0] beyond what b43 offers, which is not really an option.


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