R6700v2 no ethernet port on my mac


Could you guys please compile an image for me for the r6700v2 with wifi already pre-enabled by default. I know there are tutorials for this but sadly I'm not tech savvy enough to do so.

link to my router https://openwrt.org/toh/netgear/r6700_v2

Quick recommendation... pick up a USB (or USB-C) to ethernet adapter dongle. They're pretty cheap (many around $10-$20 USD, some cheaper), and they're useful tools for this and other purposes.

You'll experience the same issue again when you go to upgrade to the next major version of OpenWrt (it is often not recommended to keep settings across major upgrades, and sometimes it is actually not possible to do at all)... so having an ethernet adapter will mean you won't have to ask the community to build you images in the future, too.


That's a good point and i didn't think about the future updates. i was thinking about going that route and may as well pull the trigger on it.

thanks man

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