Quickening Beryl AX's Bond with iPhone Hotspot via OpenWrt

Hey OpenWrt Community,

Hope y’all are doing good! So, here's the tea. I’ve got this cool Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) router from GL.iNet, and I've been using its repeater function to hook it up to my iPhone hotspot. Everything’s peachy, except for this one little hiccup. Whenever I try to connect for the first time, or come back home and try to reconnect, my router decides to take its sweet time to get chummy with my iPhone hotspot. It’s like they’re playing hard to get with each other!

I reached out to GL.iNet support, but the response was akin to “they’re designed to be coy, deal with it”. Not the heartwarming solution I was hoping for!

I have a hunch that there might be some OpenWrt or LuCI settings that could play matchmaker here. I’m reaching out to you, the wizards of OpenWrt, to see if there’s any spell to cast on my router to make it fall in love at first sight (or re-sight) with my iPhone hotspot. Any ideas on how to speed up this courtship? Your sage advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks a bunch in advance! Looking forward to basking in the glow of your wisdom.


Unless you've reflashed the device with vanilla OpenWRT (i.e. you're no longer using GL.iNet's fork) then you'll need to continue to take this up with GL.iNet. As we don't know what GL.iNet might have changed under the covers (so to speak) we can't provide support for their software.

Hey there,

First off, a big thank you for the swift response! As you can probably tell, I am fairly new to the intricate realms of OpenWrt. It seems like I'll need to dip my toes into the waters of Vanilla OpenWrt and the reflash scenario.

Theoretical Steps Post Vanilla OpenWrt Reflash:
However, before I dive headfirst into this rabbit hole, I was wondering if we could trot through the theory of it: assuming I have Vanilla OpenWrt installed on my Beryl AX, how would I then proceed to tackle the slow connection issue between my router and iPhone hotspot? I'd like to gauge the terrain before I dedicate time to learning and tinkering, only to find myself at square one. Your insight into this would be tremendously helpful and could steer me in the right direction before I venture down this path.

Thank you so much for the support and guidance. It’s much appreciated!

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travelmate should help you with your issue.
This might also work with gl.inet build

Thank you for the suggestion on Travelmate 4. I'll definitely look into it and see how it fares with my setup.

Much appreciated!

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Nope, that doesn't work - only regular OpenWrt builds are supported.