Quick Start Guide in the playground

@RangerZ What are we going to do with https://lede-project.org/playground/qsg_lede_installation_guide ? It has been in the playground for far too long now, and people start already to refer to it.

The playground is meant for quick tryouts, not for longer storage.
If you are still working on it, it should be moved to the inbox.
If it is no longer needed, it should be deleted.

Can you please check and act accordingly?

Do you have a page hit count?

When I wrote this it started off as an experiment in the system tools (collapsing sections) while we were trying to write QSG guides, but then i kept writing. Updating Standard LEDE Installation/Quick Start page

I have just reread this and learned that I never included this page in the discussion and it was never reviewed by the working group. (Big OOPS) One of our stumbling blocks at the time was the existing hardware infrastructures were shifting from a modem\router to gateway and other scenarios. My version was a more comprehensive framework.

There are a number of changes to the QSG over the last month by ALX and he has recently moved the bulk of this page to a new page called Factory install: First-time installation of LEDE on a device

Reading these pages, they do not address the variations we were concerned about originally. I was unable to fully test all of the content at the time due to the lack of a true release of firmware and extra hardware. I am of the opinion that the content is 90% or better, but the Repeater and 3G/4G are not started.

I do not have the bandwidth to do any additional work to this page. I would hate to loose it, and could see it replacing the page at Factory Install, but this page covers both factory and sysupgrades, so may need a better name.

Maybe you can point ALX to this page and see if he will adopt it.