Quick/Easy way to change login from https to http?

Installed an openwrt firmware on device.
Firmware is ok apart from it using https.
Any quick/easy way to change login back to http?

can anyone help?

SSL support is normally not part of the default OpenWrt package set (for size reasons), but you can configure this under Services/uHTTPd.


do you have a guide? i just want to disable https and use http.

Again: OpenWrt does not use HTTPS by default. What exactly did you install?

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xiaomi router 4a giga firmware from this forum.
its ok now i have edited etc/config/uhttpd and the login is now http (not https).

There is no offical firmware on this forum...you may not have official firmware.

Yes, that is how you disable it...but again, HTTPS is not included on official images.

Official link to OpenWrt firmware: http://downloads.openwrt.org/