Questions about sysupgrade on microSD

I have started doing my own openwrt builds for the Orange Pi R1 Plus which is not officially supported yet but works with a patch. I flashed my squashfs build to a microSD card using dd and it works great. Then I decided I wanted to add some more packages to my build, so I built a new image. I read the wiki about microSD installation, but there are some unanswered questions. Basically I'm trying to figure out the recommended way to do a sysupgrade when running from a microSD.

  • Does the luci "flash new firmware" work correctly when installed on a microSD? Will it actually reflash the entire card with the new image, or would it end up on the overlay fs?
  • Or do I need to do a backup, manually flash the new image onto the microSD, then restore the backup?
  • If I pull the card out and manually flash the new image, do I need to press the reset button on the device before booting the new image?