[Question] Update flash memory to make linksys wrt120n compatible with openwrt

Hi , i start in this modding world . I have an linksys wrt120n (2MB flash memory and 32 MB ram memory) and i think if i add flash memory possibly the router may be compatible with openwrt.

So i replace 2MB memory with a winbond W25q128fvsig (16 MB flash memory) previously load with original firmware of linksys page
( https://downloads.linksys.com/downloads/firmware/1224646102739/FW_WRT120N_1.0.07.002_US.bin) and... isnt work . I can´t copy from old flash memory because i cant read it.

My first question is if i can directly install a generic version of openwrt to boot them or how to make a correct image for it.

The router components are this http://en.techinfodepot.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Linksys_WRT120N
Cpu: Atheros AR7240
Wifi chip: atheros AR9285
I find is very similar to dlink dir 600 a1 in characteristics (same cpu and wifi chip , even ram) , can i use the same image? , i know leds and other components isnt the same but for start them.

Thanks for answer and i sorry if i use any bad terms.

You need to get the factory radio calibration out of the old chip. This is usually the last 64k block of the chip. For now you can save it on your PC until you have OpenWrt working over wired. The WiFi will not work without that calibration data.

You also need a bootloader. Possibly the one from the old chip would work, though I don't know if non-Linux OS like "SuperTask!" (yes that's what wikidevi says it's really called) for tiny chips even use a bootloader. Bootloaders are outside the scope of the OpenWrt project. An OpenWrt kernel must be loaded by a bootloader. You can't just place it in the first block of the flash chip.

Hooking up a serial console and observing the original chip boot would likely show how the bootloader is running.

Thanks I'll see all that.