Question regarding privatekey in dir /root Wireguard PrivKey

Hi, Im happy using Wireguard, now my question is about the privatekey that is in dir /root/ that is for wireguard in use.

My question is:

Can I move it out from that dir, to one of my Computers and encrypt it there, or does Wireguard need the permanent presence of the private_key there in dir /root/

Can somebody give me a hint, to protect it somehow, and wireguard keeps working.... encrypting it...or other solution without WG breaks, or will miss then the PrivKey

I would like to remove/delete it from that dir /root/ and save/encrypt it on my Mac...but I have no clue, if doeing so, will break WG functionality...

Glad for any Hint, Thank you! Want protect my PrivateKey a secure way

Why don't you configure the keys via the UCI?

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Thanks lleachii, I encrpted the privkey with ccrypt...all good, its running without any problems, will have a look into uci too...Thank you!