Question regarding flashing and alternative partitions wrt1900ac series


I have a Question regarding the partitions and flashing on my Linksys wrt 1900 acs router.

So when I installed Davids build on my router I understand that it flashes to an alternative partition leaving the OEM firmware on the first partition, my question is when i flash an update does this flash to the first partition flashing over the OEM firmware and now leaving the previously flashed build on the second partition until I flash an update again ?


There are two partitions that get used in alternating sequence. Both OEM and LEDE firmware always flash the other partition and then boot from that. When you then next time flash from that, the first partition gets overwritten and booting is is switched to that again.

The idea is that you will have the old firmware as a fallback alternative.

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Thanks for clearing this up for me.