Question re. Wireguard and multiple countries

Hey all, I have setup Surfshark wireguard on my Openwrt Router (version 19.07)…

We have people from UK and US in our household, and stream from both countries (living in Romania). I used to have my VPN servers setup on Openvpn, and had a bunch of different servers for different countries like US, UK, etc…

I am new to wireguard, and not sure what is the correct procedure for adding different countries servers for this protocol?

Would I add new network interfaces for each server? Like currently UK server is WG0, would I add an WG1 for USA? Or peers/something else?

Apologies if this is an obvious question/answer, I am still getting used to wireguard…I have been amazed at the speed difference moving to it, today my speed test on the UK server was 700mbps, my best speed under openvpn was 90mbps!

So if there is a way to add even 1 USA server to the wireguard that i can switch between then this will probably be the best VPN setup I’ve had so far.

Yes, it can be done. I have this setup but for other purpose, I give house guests a wifi connection that goes to a vpn wireguard service provider. What ever guests use internet for, goes over this anonymity tunnel to my vpn provider.

You need router hardware with possibility to create an additional wifi networks 'ssid' from same physical wifi network card, or you need to add additional wifi card(s) for example using usb wifi sticks.
Each wifi network is configured to use a specific wireguard tunnel.

The idea is that you have different wifi networks ssids, each wifi network is separated and terminated into different countries over wireguard. And you name this wifi networks for example usa, germany etc...

My vpn provider ( gives me 5 simultaneous connections in my monthly fee, so i can have 5 ssids going to wherever country endpoint my provider has, I think all vpn providers has the same.

This setup was not easy to figure out, and it been a while since i did this, so i can not provide a step by step guide. But it can be done and i think this is what you want.

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This is a pretty cool idea, one I hadn’t considered before…my previous setup under OpenVPN was to have multiple server configs saved, and switch between them based on what we wanted to stream etc. It would be amazing to have 2 separate Wi-Fi networks setup for US and UK wireguard servers.

My network is a router and 3 APs, all Linksys WRT3200ACM…I’ll have to investigate if these can do multiple SSIDs from one radio. And then it sounds like I would create a new wireguard interface for US server and then configure each network to use each of the UK/US servers?

Thanks so much for the idea!

Yes, Wireguard is a point to point connection there is no "client" or "server" configuration in wireguard. To be honest openvpn could do this also i guess. But i also like wireguard.
If no other expert here gives more specifics... I would in step1 configure multiple ssids from different ip subnets to your existing single wan connection first, when you have that working then configure the wg and the ssid to wg routung/mapping. I am not a owrt expert by any means, this is just how i did it.