[Question] CP210x USB to UART permanent in router(s)

Right i have 2 CP210x USB to UART PCB's which i plan to make a permanent fixture to both my Linksys WRT32x and GLiNet Flint AX1800, it should be safe to just leave it in the router(s) right so its just then a simple case of using a Micro USB cable to get Serial TTL output right?

Not planning on connecting the VCC pins for 5v or 3.3v (don't want to fry router or USB TTL). Only GND and TX,RX pins will be connected permanently.

Only asking so i know how to plan the case mods. I know it might not seem like its to do with OpenWRT however its so i can test OpenWRT build and get console output or be able to TFTP incase of bricks etc.

Normally yes, but test it first - some combinations won't power-up correctly if the usb2serial adapter is already connected before applying power (because power from the USB side is backfeeding into the SOC through the tx line and leaves the SOC in a confused state).

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I did a test outside if the case with.

I connected the GND RX and TX pins to router and UART pcb then connected the USB before I powered the routerz it worked fine.

I was just unsure if it was safe to just leave them pins connected to a UART PCB without it being connected to USB.

As the whole idea is to leave the UART PCB in the router casing and simply connect the USB cable when I need to get console access.

Update: I have no soldered Serial header to the board.

Pics of Board For GL.Inet Flint AX1800 and Serial Location:

Serial Location close up:

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