Question - Block ads inside video?

Hi, I currently use adblock-fast with OpenWrt version 22, and I would say it works pretty well.
I've tried searching for information but haven't found much, maybe I'm looking in the wrong way.
Is there a way, is there a possibility, to block the ads that are now everywhere in Netflix videos, Amazon Prime Video, etc.?
I mean those ad blocks that are placed inside the videos (series, movies, etc.)

Where dns-based adblock can not help you need browser addon.


To put a little meat on @brada4 's response, the router-based adblockers intercept DNS lookups and simply block access to certain hosts. When the ad content comes from the same source as the content (say, embedded in a youtube video), then there's no way for the router to know what's good and what's bad: it's all just packets from In order to separate the wheat from the chaff, you have to be inside the browser looking at the data requests and block stuff there.


On top of all that, there is no way to block ads using the streaming service's app.

e.g. you cannot block any ads using the YT app, the Netflix app, the Prime Video app, etc.

Those apps have full control and do not need DNS.


Damm, somehow I imagined that, unfortunately I have a SmartTv with a proprietary operating system (LG) and I don't think I can do much. Maybe if it was running Android I could? Who knows, maybe there are "modified" apps to help, I understand that paying something extra is taken away, but it seems to me that it is getting out of hand, but that is a personal opinion.
So I would say that nothing can be done with the router when the advertising is "embedded." Does anyone know of other alternative methods for SmartTv?

Buy an N100 mini PC and use it as a PC for your TV.

Or any PC really that has the correct connections for your TV's inputs.

Right, now that you made me think about it, I have a Xiaomi Mi Tv Box, maybe I can do something with it as well.
I also have a plex server for home content, but I don't think you can do anything with Plex

If you have control over the browser it uses and its add-ons.
Browser based ad-blocking is an ongoing war and you don't want to get caught; especially by Alphabet.

There's a way, but it's complicated.

Its a forked Pi-hole.

Best to build a Pi-hole. Its open source and is something I've actually heard of.
I mean, I use Pi-hole too.

... and it still won't block the ads.

If you had Android TV on the TV, you could have used an alternative YT app, where no ads are displayed.


Yes, with android is possible to have modded app or alternative app, I've to search if exist alternative app for prime and netflix too, maybe is the way, with a little android tv box.

You have to understand limitations of technology, you cannot block ads that cannot be distinguished in network from the live stream. Best you can do is to watch shows in the browser.