Question about sharing Printer with Bonjour Auto-discovery between Guest and Private Network Zones


I have a network configured into two zones zone 1) the private wifi and LAN then zone 2) the guest wifi.
I would like to expose a printer from zone 1 to computers on zone 2.
Firstly I confirmed that printer auto discovery works from private LAN and wifi the printer is
By design the printer could not be auto discovered when connected to the Guest Wifi.

To expose the printer I've followed the instructions to get mDNS working between two zones from the following page.

After this I was able to confirm that I could perform nslookup on a windows machine from the guest wifi to resolve the printers IP address but still unable to find the printer.
I then added ICMP and reverse communication paths as mentioned in the following forum post.

After this I was able to PING the printer via it's name.
However I am still unable to discover the printer automatically from the guest wifi zone.

Any tips or things I can try would be appreciated.

Here is the contents of /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf




I've attached a screenshout of my traffic rules which seem to be inadequite for the discovery of the printer by computers and phones on the guest wifi.

As a new user I can only embed a single image but I also have images for the following I can't upload currently.
I've also tried using wireshark and captured two images one of what a successful discovery looks like from the private wifi and an image of what a failed discovery looks like from the private wifi.

I expect I've made some mistakes and would be keen to try and suggestions people have.
Thank you for your time.

Also I was able to find another page where they tried something similar and were unable to get it working.

I'm going to upload my wireshark images as replies.
Successful discovery on private wireless:

Failed discovery on guest wireless: