Question about ram usage

Hi all
I've just intalled 23.05rc2.
I have and extender configured as dumb AP, netgear ex6150v2 and a gl.inet B1300 (basic routing, no SQM, no VPN, no NAT.. mainly vanilla config)
They both have ipq40xx cpu and 256mb of ram.
The netgear have 63% of free ram while the GLinet only 48%
I know I cannot compare "as is" the two, btw with 22.3.x they had almost the same memeory usage (let's say 5% more usage by the gl.inet).
The Glinet kernel log shows a lot of repeated messages ( ath10k_ahb a800000.wifi: mac flush vdev 0 drop 0 queues 0x1 ar->paused: 0x0 arvif->paused: 0x0 ) those are not present on the extender.
Can this considered ok?
Is there a way to achieve more ram free on the router gl.inet? For a basic home usage is there a "recomended" quantity of available ram? Is it something I shoud try to optimize or its just waste of time?