Question about my developing device with my local lighttpd service

Hi All,

I have a developing device with OpenWrt 19.07.7.
And, we try to set up local lighttpd to provide package install service.

  1. Use make menuconfig to check default package url and make sure service is working.

  2. Try to use "Update lists" at page Software to check if url is available.

  3. Double check the files at /tmp/opkg-lists. The size are correct.
    Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 17.17.31

  4. WebUI always show "No information available" at each fields.

  5. Try to use opkg commands to check list/list-installed/list-avaiable, looks work well.

Question, is there a good way to debug why WebUI always show No information available? Please help. Thanks.

Anyone can help? Thanks.

Hi all,

I figure out the problem.
Since we do not select any packages from feed of freifunk and telephony.
Looks like the package.gz cause the problem.
Remove freifunk and telephony from config, anything is correct.

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