Question about dhcp configuration

Hello and sorry for bother.
Is there any step by step tutorial for the dhcp server on a openwrt router?
because i see i cant config that on LUCI, and i just want the dchp server because i use pihole and adguard as dns servers.
please let me know or can someone teach me how to do it?
i have like A LOT of lease static ips, my ISP router can handle.
and i just want from 200 to 252 on ip pools


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yeah i saw that too, isnt easy to config dhcp in openwrt i guess, THANKS A LOT

This page is more useful as a reference for how to configure.

Configure that with option start 200 and option limit 53. The defaults are start 100 and limit 150 which results in a range of 100 to 249 in a /24 network.

Advertising a different machine to be the primary DNS server is list dhcp_option "6,x.x.x.x" where the x's are the IP4 of the pihole.

These settings are also possible in the GUI.


to be honest i search all the gui of my AP (i have openwrt on a xiaomi router that work as an access point) where i want to put the dhcp server, BUT i couldnt find in the GUI or was too many things i didnt read it

and where i can seperate the IPs for devices?

In the Network menu that says "DNS and DHCP"?


Does the overview page suit your needs?