Question about buying a BT Home Hub 5 Type A

Hello friends
Excuse me, I have a question about buying a BT Home Hub 5 modem that I am going to buy. I wanted to ask in terms of software and hardware, is there any problem with this modem?
Because I want to prepare this modem with OpenWRT pre-installed on it.
Does this modem model work perfectly with OpenWRT or not?
Does VPN work on this model or is it disappointing like other modems and routers?
What exactly is the DSL chipset of this modem? Can it pick up line noise properly?
Please help me

For checking hardware you need the link below

Working "perfectly with OpenWRT" all routers have their quirks, but this is a great cheap router that you can buy for around £16 on ebay pre-installed.

If it does not meet your needs it is easy to resell in the same place you got it.

Later you might consider two paths of older router, one for best wifi and one for best wired performance.

If you have one of these lying around you can also buy the model from ebay without OpenWrt and send it to a guy who does the firmware for you, probably save a few quid.

I would expect there to be a lot of posts about this on this forum as a lot of people have been on this journey so give search a go.

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Does VPN work on this model؟

You can set one up, but it won't break any speed records. OpenVPN will barely get into double digits MB/sec-wise. Wireguard will be a little better, but still not great.

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Give me a lot of internet speed here and my name speed is 16 MB but my main speed is 1 MB. Is it possible to use VPN at all with these conditions?

If you meant to say you have 16 mbps download and 1 mbps upload speed from your Internet Service Provider, then as pointed out by @krazeh, you won't get more than 9 mbps ethernet download speed if you wish to use openvpn on HH5a with a 3rd party VPN provider.

Openvpn protocol obviously has overheads, so I don't know what is maximum openvpn speed is possible on a 16mb/1mb broadband connection. Google search suggests 25% overhead, so max openvpn speed may be 12mb/0.75mb?

Have you considered just getting a 'better/faster' router (without modem) to run OpenWrt and openvpn? Simply connect the router to LAN port of your existing modem-router? This will also eliminate any DSL issues you may have especially if you are not in the UK. (Your last post suggests you may be using a translator?)

See also

Vectoring is not properly supported in Openwrt builds, so if your line requires it, you may need Janh's patches:- Vectoring on Lantiq VRX200 / VR9 - missing callback for sending error samples - #224 by sdnr

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