Query regarding APC Back-UPS 1100

I have the above mentioned model and its working absolutely fine so far. I use it for my desktop computer to protect against surges and power outs. It provides me with a back up of 3-4 minutes to save my work and shutdown the computer within that buffer time.

Today, my query is as flows: (I am very weak on the topic of electricity, so kindly bear with me).

I recently purchased a monitor and a computer power supply and both have a big 16Amp power cable plug. And the mentioned UPS has a regular, small 6Amp outlet. That fits the older power plugs of the old monitor and the old PSU. The 16Amp power cable plugs do not fit to the UPS's outlet.

Im wondering if I can connect both the monitor & the PSU cable to the UPS using a 16-to-6/5-amp converter adaptor, will that be wise. Will it disrupt the main lines load or the UPS unit or the PSU in anyway?

Both the monitor and the PSU mention:
"AC INPUT RATING: 100v-240v, INPUT CURRENT: 10A-5A, Additionally the PSU also mentions, MAX COMBINED OUTPUT-TOTAL POWER: 750W"

The UPS mentions:
OUTPUT: 230V~, 5A, 50Hz,1100VA, 660 W

(I've also asked this on the APC-UPS forums, still awaiting a reply from them. So I thought of asking you diligent folk as well).

Looking forward to your replies and have a nice day!

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It is unlikely that you will receive useful input here.

Please seek advise from the relevant maintainer.

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