Quassel core on OpenWrt?

Hello everybody,
I am currently using with enough satisfaction ZNC irc bouncer on OpenWrt in my tp-link WDR3600. This has lead me to wonder if there is any chance to have in the future also a quassel core implementation on OpenWrt (I see at the moment there are only two packages that allow in Openwrt to use irssi connection to a quassel core).

IIRC you need Qt for the Quassel core - and that's a huge library for the limited memory of our routers. On an x68 build it might work. I didn't check whether Qt is packaged.


Your best chance of getting Quassel on any OpenWrt based device is via Docker/Podman/LXC.

Thanks for the replies. I am not an expert in coding, but I thought that Qt was a library mainly used to build graphical interfaces, that is it was mainly required for the client, but evidently I was wrong.
However, I want to be cleat that more than a feature request my post was just an investigation on the possibility of that implementation.

A container is your only hope. Qt is rather large.