Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 Networking Pro Series SoCs

Broadcom as well, dohhh

With Qualcomm we might have a real chance to see it in openwrt as their SDK is based on this compared to broadcom's locked down binary blobs

Its just marketing, I don't expect even pre-draft silicon for a while.
They are however, already working on ath12k driver for it

can't wait for netgear dev board going to the market ahahahah

Well, somebody has to conduct field testing

is wifi 7 even a thing?

Not yet officially, but as you know it takes ages for the specification and HW to become ready.
So we are off course gonna end up with pre-draft 802.11be HW like we did for 802.11ax and every revision before

I'm curious what brings the future; i.e. seeing Broadcom taken the vast majority of the ax market, brings me worries.
Worries ofc regarding closed source etc. they always were.

My view might be slightly skewed, but I see a lot of QCA (ipq807x, ipq60xx, ipq50xx) and Mediatek (mt7621/ mt7622) on the 802.11ax/ wifi6/ wifi6e market, fortunately (and yes, also the odd bcm4906/ bcm43684 device).

I can confirm this, Broadcom grabbed a large part of the first batch of ax devices (But note that this did not comply with the final 802.11ax) but the QCA and Mediatek pretty much rule the 802.11ax market now

Problem is that most of them cost 200+€

Well, new stuff costs money.
BTW, really need to continue on the Dynalink as that thing is IPQ8072A with 1GB of RAM for 99 USD all the time

Remember me what was the problem with that thing. Secure boot fused?

Yeah, secure boot is enabled but it will boot anything as long as bootqca/bootipq is not used as boot command as that checks the signature.

Dynalink refused to provide GPL and Askey which actually makes it has not replied at all.
But its rather simple, so I got it mostly working in initramfs, but need to somehow get it booting from NAND which is a pain since bootqca does all of the magic including partitioning

Should we call the free software Foundation and ask some help?

Not worth it

Example for Technicolor we had to contact the legal email to get the gpl source and they were ""fast""
Source was shit and it was broadcom stuff but for this should be different as they should just tar the qsdk and send it...

Yeah, its really really weird for anybody to refuse to just give QSDK tarball