Qualcomm shortcut-fe packet capture issue with pcap library

Need one help,I enabled shortcut-fe for my build ,Although throughtput is increased but very limited packets cuptured with pcap library in router (for i.e. running the traffic in downlink direction,wan to lan)

Are you joking?
You don´t can capture the packages that use the hacked fast path implementation...

Anyways, you should consider to use the mainline flow offloading implementation!


Thanks juppin for your suggesion,actually I am new to this and
We are preparing our stats based on captured packets in pcap library.

I'm not sure if it will work with flow offloading... I suggest not.

Thanks juppin!

Flow offloading is compatible with pcap, tested with tcpdump.

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It seems counter intuitive to first use any kind of offloading or fast path implementations to increase throughput and then use libpcap to measure the traffic.