Qualcomm Fast Path For LEDE


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Could you please read the post just above yours, and open a separate thread?


Maybe a dumb question but there's no downside to asking ahahah
Is it possible to add Fast Path to another router?
I'll use an example, I had a Archer C7v4 and recently bought a WRT3200ACM on black friday. Now, I know this router is very powerful and can handle almost gigabit internet with SQM on top, but I wanted to build a image with Fast Path can I?
And if so, how?



you have to use kernel 4.9, search the git history and revert that commit


This patch only works with kernel 4.9?
Then how did @gwlim built the latest images with Flow Offload included as it requires kernel >=4.14 ?
Thanks for the help!


but does the flow offload image also have the qca fast path ? (it can work with 4.14, but you have to adjust the fast path patch)


Check it out for yourself :grin::


Good one :slight_smile: don't see any source files there!
He must be adjusted the patches.