Qualcomm Fast Path For LEDE


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Maybe a dumb question but there's no downside to asking ahahah
Is it possible to add Fast Path to another router?
I'll use an example, I had a Archer C7v4 and recently bought a WRT3200ACM on black friday. Now, I know this router is very powerful and can handle almost gigabit internet with SQM on top, but I wanted to build a image with Fast Path can I?
And if so, how?



you have to use kernel 4.9, search the git history and revert that commit


This patch only works with kernel 4.9?
Then how did @gwlim built the latest images with Flow Offload included as it requires kernel >=4.14 ?
Thanks for the help!


but does the flow offload image also have the qca fast path ? (it can work with 4.14, but you have to adjust the fast path patch)


Check it out for yourself :grin::


Good one :slight_smile: don't see any source files there!
He must be adjusted the patches.


That's interesting. so those builds have both, the software flow-offloading and also the module to do hardware flow-offloading?
Has anyone done some testing to see the difference with and without enabling the HW part? do they work ok with SQM?
(I would test it myself but I don't have a fast enough internet yet)


you mean software offloading is good enough and makes the hardware NAT feature obsolete? Do you have some benchmark results that compare them?


Hi everyone!
Is it possible to add FastPath functionality to TL-WR941ND (I've already made some HW pathces - FLSASH is 16 and RAM is 64 MB now)?
Can I use instruction from https://github.com/gwlim/mips24k-ar71xx-lede-patch during building firmware for my customized MIPS24K (AR9132) based router?


Not going to make a big difference on your router (maybe lower cpu utilization) because the phy is limited to 100Mbps


Yes, I know. But lower cpu utilization would be an advantage - I have alot of other tasks, that want use CPU :grin:
This patch is only for TL-WR1043ND, or I can apply it to my BuildRoot for TL-WR941ND?


You can apply it to your router just checkout the correct git version base on date because it is not updated anymore



Could you do a build for "mynet-n750" here:

It has AR9344, openwrt supported https://openwrt.org/toh/wd/n750

Thanks in advance


It would be great if you open an issue/request at the github instead so it is easier to track.


Hello, I'm using an Archer C7 v2. Love the Custom Firmware!

I'm just wondering (sorry for the stupid questions). But this ROM has:

  • Shortcut-fe Fast Path Module for accelerated NAT/Routing performance (Both Builds)
  • FlowOffload Fast Path Module for accelerated NAT/Routing performance (Both Builds)

They both do the same thing in the description. Does that mean I can only enable one of them? Or is enabling both of them fine? If I can only enable one of them, which should I enable for best performance? Any issues with enabling these with SQM enabled too?

Also, the Archer C7 v2, is planning a move from ar71xx to the ath79. I see your images are for ar71xx. Are you planning to move these to ath79 sometime? Most of the new development in the base OpenWRT are all ath79.

And last question, the architecture is for mips74kc. However, when I do "opkg update" it updates packages from the mips24kc. ie (http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/packages/mips_24kc/base). Is it okay to run mips24kc packages on the mips74kc archer c7? I did install the packages I wanted and they did work...



Please mind: SoC architecture != OpenWrt package architecture

mips24kc is the correct package architecture for Archer C7 v2.



See also: https://openwrt.org/docs/techref/targets/start


Yes only 1 should be enabled at any one time.
You can enable SQM with Shortcut-fe Fast Path but performance will drop.
ath79 = ar71xx + DTS
DTS is only required on boot to initialise hardware however both receive the same updated code base otherwise except DTS patches
Compiler optimization is mips74kc however openwrt chose to keep mips24kc label so it is retain so upstream packages can be used.


Any Archer C7 users out there like to share how fast their Wifi throughput is after minimizing bufferbloat with this build?


Hi, Could you please tell us how to port it to 18.06? my hardware is qca9533 will it work?