Qualcomm Fast Path For LEDE


The easiest way would be to use flow offloading on ath79 instead IMHO.


I tried that but the wireless speeds are not more than 200MBPS on 11ac radio and GbE wan


Wireless speeds are not related with offload type.


so how to increase wireless speeds as I have a really powerful device 4x4 11ac device but the wireless speeds are no where close to be accurate


You can open a new thread, because it's off-topic here. Most likely you speeds are not as expected, because the client devices are not 4x4 :wink:

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Added support

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Could you please tell how to port to 18.06.2 for WDR4300 v1?

The advantage of 18.06.2 is that all of the drivers are new....


Hello, can you port fast path to 2543nd? https://openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/tl-wr2543nd and add it to your repository?
Thank you!


@gwlim how would I add Fast Path to an openwrt build myself? I'm new to this and have looked for the git page for Fast Path but can't seem to find it and then I'd have to figure out how to get it in my openwrt build environment. I'm looking to build an image for an Edgerouter Lite.



Are these builds not going to be created anymore? Just wondering.


With flow offloading being standard in OpenWRT, there is no real use anymore for Fast Path builds, since they do the same thing. Just use Flowoffloading in regular builds.


There is still a pretty big use for LEDE 17.06.xx because this is usually more performant than the newer Openwrt 18.xx builds and in LEDE there is no flow offloading support. It startet in Openwrt 18.06 with kernel >4.14 which is actually since 18.06.2 or only snapshot builds. - So in my opinion it still makes sense to implement fast path as a package for LEDE 17.06.xx! I would really appreciate that, than we could also still use the older 432 devices with LEDE under a good performance!

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