Qualcomm atheros AR93XX on X86 driver WIFI driver?

first time user
qualcomm atheros AR93XX cannot find how to install?
running 22.03.0 rc6 x86 64 ext4

i can see the card lspci, but i dont know how to get it active?

there is no wifi interface in the webgui
or under ifconfig

please advise. thanks

kmod-ath9k, but you might have to rebuild OpenWrt from source, to add support for desktop to the ath9k module (the config symbol to enable should be called ATH9K_PCOEM or similar, can't check right now).

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hello, thanks for the reply, im a new user, everything you said just went over my head?

in the web-gui under software i can see installed is kmod-ath9k and kmod-ath9k-common
but there is no wifi

i also installed as per another post kmod-owl-loader

what do i do now?

after a reboot wireless tab is showing with Generic MAC80211 802.11abgn radio0 and disabled Mode master "wireless is not associated"

even if i enable them i dont see any wifi? am i missing something?

This is a good start, you have a radio driver now. But that is not enough to start up a wifi AP, you still need the userspace stuff that controls the radio such as wpad, iw, iwinfo, cfg80211. Somewhere there is a wiki page of exactly what to install.

Since most people use x86 boxes in a wired-only role, default x86 builds don't include any of the wifi stack.

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